3 days in Chandigarh (India)

I’ve travelled miles away from home to see beautiful sights, eat delicious food and party but never thought to find a place in my own country. When my friends first suggested we go to Chandigarh, a city in Punjab for a bachelorette, I wasn’t quite convinced with the idea. But if you follow the blog on instagram you’ll know that I was proven wrong.

We had only 3 days to spare and lots to do, here’s our day by day itinerary! You can also find my travel vlog below


We landed at the Chandigarh airport somewhere around 10:30am-11am. The airport is pretty small so it was easier and faster to get out.


Our place was an hour away from the airport so we picked up a cab from the taxi stand and headed to our little AirBnb in Sector 10! The location was perfect for us. It was just 7-8 mins of a cab ride from almost everywhere that we had planned to go to. Click on the image to know more about our bachelorette pad!


We then headed to the nearest Gurudwara to pay our respects and eat some langar. This particular one was at Sector 8C.

After a short break back at the crib, we got all dolled up for our first night out in Chandigarh. All the fancy places in the city is located along sector 26.

Garam Dharam & Qizo

We started our night with treating our bellies full at the restaurant Garam Dharam. What we thought was a traditional Dhaba turned out to be a restaurant made to look like a Dhaba inspired by the popular bollywood classic Sholay!

We followed the night with visiting one of the popular nightlife spots in the city “Qizo”. It is a restaurant that turns into a club post 10:30pm. Also note that nightlife in Chandigarh starts and ends pretty early. You will find that most clubs close doors at 12:30am.

We have to applaud the energy that the locals bring to the nightlife! We could just not match up.

Day 2

After a good night’s sleep, we woke up to delicious aloo parathas made fresh by our airbnb host.

Markets in Chandigarh

This day we set aside for exploring the markets. There are 2 main markets that we had marked to visit, one in sector 17 and the other in sector 2. We hopped in an uber and visited the first market in sector 17. This market had branded stores and a few street vendors.

Unimpressed with our first stop, we took a 15 mins walk to the sector 22 Shastri Market. Now this was the place to be! It was a field size area with local stores and street vendors selling ethnic and non-ethnic clothes, jewellery, shoes, bags, sunglasses, artifacts and what not. This is all what we needed. Not to forget food vendors serving hot and delicious food right on the street!

Sukhna Lake

After a quick break in our Airbnb, we stepped out to catch the sunset at the Sukhna Lake. It is a popular destination for tourists as well as local families on the weekend. Since it was a Saturday, it was pretty crowded. The weather was beautiful and so was the sight.

Chandigarh Nightlife

We adorned our best clothes and headed ou

t on the town to experience the Chandigarh party scene. Our first stop was SOCIAL in sector 7. Now Sector 7 is probably the best place to be if you want to bar hop. There is a strip of unique bars and restaurants in one straight line.

Social is Probably one of the most hippest bars I’ve seen. Incredible interiors, mad vibes and great music. We had already eaten so we didn’t eat much but their menu looked quite interesting too. For me personally, the highlight was their pringle shaped booths. It was Saturday night, so the bar was fully packed. We faced trouble despite making reservations but I’d strongly recommend that you call ahead and do so.

Craving for desi music, we decided to step out of Social only to find loud punjabi music playing next door at The Reef.

The Reef, a restaurant-bar & club hosts their desi night post 10:30pm in their cute little open rooftop. The interiors are floral and pink to almost make it look like a Hawaiian restaurant. Their staff were extremely hospitable to us out-of-towners and their DJ made our feet hurt to the core.

Day 3

After our usual morning with fresh homemade parathas and chai, we were all set for a girls ROAD TRIP!!!!!!!!

Solan & Barog

We hired a driver to take us to Solan, a small town in Himachal Pradesh. The drive was roughly 2 hours long with beautiful sights to see on the road. We even stopped to have the infamous mountain maggi!

The main agenda however of our trip was to visit the Barog Railway Station which is on the UNESCO world heritage site 🚂. It houses the longest tunnel there is. Getting there involved a 0.4km downhill and uphill trek and burning calf muscles. But don’t worry we found food there too so it was all good! 👅

Elante Mall

With our trip coming to an end we decided to head out to Elante Mall, a posh shopping center in Chandigarh to do some last minute shopping and grab some dinner.

This got us to the end of our 3 day short yet memorable journey in the beautiful city of Chandigarh. Should you have any questions comment below or DM us on instagram @nosybuddha

A few important things while planning your trip to #Chandi
1. There is no sim card available at the airport
2. Uber is easily available. Other alternatives are ola cabs and city rickshaws
3. Even in end of October, the city is pretty hot in the day
4. Bars and clubs close by 12:30 am – 1 am max. Beyond that it is not recommended to roam about the city.
5. The Shastri Market only fully opens by 11am

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