Is there a cheaper alternative to the Beauty Blender?

We’ve been through it all, blending our foundations and concealers with our fingers, with brushes, with silicon pads, but my personal favourite is using a sponge.

So I started looking for an alternative because let’s face it, as amazing as the BB is, it is also very expensive for a sponge! 💸

I then, with a suggestion of a friend stumbled upon the Morphe’s Highlight & Contour Beauty Sponge. As a BB lover, I always thought nothing would ever come close to it and I would be stuck with a product absorbing Bermuda triangle of a sponge.

Ever since Beauty Blender (BB) took over the market, the award winning sponge has been rated the best sponge in the market and has maintained its reign over the years. 🥇 If it’s the best, there is a reason why it is so. I have myself used the BB for over 2 years and was a faithful BB user until I had to replace my second one.

So basically, the Morphe sponge is a chiseled edge sponge that helps to deliver the ultimate control for all your application needs. 


It does not suck up your product, which was a huge plus for me.
It bounces off the skin so well and does not feel like a rubber being dragged on your face
Gives even distribution of product 
Smooth texture of the sponge itself 
The curved side provides the perfect surface for foundation application 
The chiseled side provides the perfect surface for contouring and baking and also helps with concealer application under the eyes
Absolutely affordable ($7)

This isn’t a pro & cons of the two sponges neither are we saying that one is better than the other, but only that instead of shelling out $20 for a sponge there is an equally good alternative if not better.

Like any other beauty sponge, make sure to wet it really well until it almost doubles in size. Squeeze excess water out and you’ll have a nice bouncy sponge ready for use.

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