Bedouin Oasis Camp – time capsule to simpler days

Last week, I turned 24. While the celebrations were a week long of breakfasts, brunches, lunches and other fun activities, it ended with a bang at the Bedouin Oasis Camp in Ras Al Khaimah

The concept of the camp is pretty simple: Cozy little cabins in the desert, bonfire to pump up the ambiance, camel rides, etc.


img_3884Prices (for two adults pre-tax):
Igloo Tents: AED 450
Standard Tent: AED 500
Deluxe Tent: AED 650
Premium Tent: AED 850
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What’s Included?
All of the above prices include the accommodation, tea, coffee, water and beverages, dinner, breakfast, Shisha, short camel ride, henna and the miscellaneous shows at the camp.Additional services like desert safari and quad biking are available at an additional fee.

My Experience
Getting to the camp can be sort of a challenge since there are literally no signs until you get inside the desert so I do advise that you utilize the power of google maps!
There is a clean path for cars to get to the camp so you do not need a 4-wheel drive to get there. While driving you’ll enjoy some really great scenic desert views, baby camels and occasionally might Oryxs on your route.

I however, do recommend that you withdraw your monies before arriving since the camp accepts only cash and there is no ATM within a 20 minute proximity.
I stayed at the standard tent which had a bed, a little AC cooler and a box for my belongings. Outside the tent was a nice seating arrangement with the option of setting up a bonfire (upon request).

The restrooms and showers are common to all the guests at the camp (apart from those staying at deluxe and premium tents) and they are absolutely clean at all times. The water is chilly (during winters) so I don’t recommend taking a shower there.

Around 4:30 – 5:00 PM, all the guests assembled at the camp for tea, coffee and some appetizers followed by the fire and tanura show. Later in the evening a grand buffet was opened and the night ended with the classic belly dance entertainment. The food isn’t of the best quality but it just suffices.

Post dinner, you’ll have access to the Shisha tent facing the bonfire to keep you warm. It does get extremely chilly in the night in the desert.

The morning starts pretty early with breakfast being served at 7:30. The breakfast was a lot better than the dinner with a nicer spread of food and beverages. You are expected to check out around 11:00 AM since the staff starts departing from the camp around the same time, however, there is no real hard and fast rule.

All in all its a great experience whether you’re going for a romantic evening with your significant other or in a big group of friends and family.

Bedouin Oasis Camp:
Contact number: 07 204 2073

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