6 things you must see at the Ripley’s Exhibit

The Ripley’s believe it or not franchise which is the home to the most strangest events and items in the world is now parked shop at the Wafi Mall till November 2018.
The exhibit is fairly small but there are few things that are just not to be missed.

  1. People Showcase
    This was the best section of the entire exhibit. It features strangest people in the Ripley’s diaries from the tallest and the fattest men to the depiction of the Chinese women with their chopped of toes.
  2. Muhammad Ali Glory
    There is a stand dedicated to the sport of boxing of which the most amazing artifacts glorifying Muhammad Ali take away the show. There is a sculpture of Muhammad Ali made up from over 12 fragments of steel and if you stand at just the right angle you will be able to picture the man himself. Further there is a signed robe in a glass casket that brightens the stand.
  3. See a real life Meteor
    We’ve heard of them but have you seen one? Now you can. This particular one was found in Africa’s Kalahari Desert.
  4. Transformer from Car
    We have all grown to love and be fascinated by the Transformer movies where cars turn into a strong army. Feast your eyes on this bumblebee made of car scraps. Sadly, this cannot morph its way back into a car. IMG_9479 copy.jpg

5. Little Car
From giant transformers, move onto this little functioning vehicle that claims to fit a man of height 6ft.
IMG_9473 copy.jpg
6. Fun Activities
A section of the Ripley’s exhibit is dedicated to fun things you can involve yourself in.
Attempt to fit as many strings you can in the needle, the record is 10 strings.
IMG_9483 copy.jpgGet your face morphed into a zombie 

Attempt to open this unconventional gate

Try your flexibility by fitting yourself in this box
IMG_9485 copy

So those were our best experiences at the Ripley’s Exhibit at Wafi. Below you can find a map of the exhibit to help you navigate across. 

IMG_9358 copyIMG_9359 copy

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