Now you see it! And now you don’t! – The Museum of Illusions

Okay I’ve to be honest! I’m still a kid by heart and I still get fascinated by magic a lot. However, for me, the most intriguing aspect of magic is creating an illusion- a moment where the audience thinks that they know everything there is to know about a piece (be it visually or in art), and then is taken aback when they realize that they know ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, because the impossible has just taken place. And you’re left shocked and spellbound- a truly priceless reaction!

So when I heard that Dubai now holds an ENTIRE MUSEUM full of optical illusions, I just had to run there and check it out for myself. Below mentioned are a couple of exhibits which I found to be the most fascinating. I won’t reveal the secrets behind ‘how it’s done’, but will provide you with all the information which may compel you to check it out:

  1. The Chair:

    We all have heard the saying “the camera adds ten pounds”. GUESS WHAT? It can also shrink you into literally 1/3rd of your size too. With the right camera angle, and a very crazy friend, this optical illusion promises to blow your mind without the need of photoshop skills.
  2. The Vortex:

    If you’re picturing a black-hole right now which will make you travel through time into a land of the unknown, you’re not a 100% wrong. While time travel is still a concept in works, this exhibit is all about a space-aged, galaxy-themed black hole. The vortex relies on your mind’s ability to comprehend motion and movement- which after much experience- it still won’t be able to. If you do make it through this exhibit standing up-right without the fear of falling over, I can safely say that you are extra-ordinary beyond belief.
  3. The Ames Room:

    You probably would have seen this phenomenon as a well-known optical illusion, however, it’s a very different experience to actually be a part of it rather than just see others be a part of it. If you’re tall or short in height, you will finally get a chance of what it feels like to be on the opposite side of the height scale. Unfortunately, your happiness may be short-lived because it’s only an optical illusion and not a ‘reality-altering’ device.
  4. The Rotated and Anti-Gravity Room:

    Forget the need for anti-gravity boots when you have these rooms at less than half the cost. Whether it’s standing at a 45-degree angle or turning 180-degrees around, you’re guaranteed to not fall down. You don’t even need heavy-duty super glue! All you need is a picture-perfect pose (unlike me here) to show off just how invincible you actually are!
  5. The Infinity Room:

    Narcissist or not, you will love this room- only because it’s insanely amazing to see hundred reflections of yourself at different angles. However, you may not be able to capture a photo too well out here due to the lack of light in the room. Suggestively, take a video of yourself with the flashlight on and voila! You can stare at your many reflections all day long, whenever you want.

Apart from these, the museum has plenty other exhibits and mind-games leaving your brain in a confused state throughout the tour.

img_0748img_0758WhatsApp Image 2018-10-15 at 8.06.09 PM

But the main question remains- is it worth it? Well, that depends on your outlook. The cost of a visit per person is AED 80 and the museum can be completed in a very short duration. However, the museum is absolutely unique in every way possible and if you, like me, are seeking to do something different from the usual plans of food binges and hang-outs, you absolutely ought to give this place a try and let it prove it’s entertainment value to you.

A few things we recommend before you head out for your visit:

a) The museum tour takes about 30 mins to an hour, so make sure you have your time planned during the day. Try to plan your visit on a weekday rather than a weekend to avoid large crowds.

b) In my opinion, the experience is most fun when you go with two or more people. Many of the exhibits are interactive so more is always merrier! 🙂

Location, Links and Other Information (as per the website):

Location Map:

Sunday to Wednesday:
10 am – 10 pm
Thursday to Saturday:
10 am – 12 midnight

Adult: 80 AED

Children (5-15 years): 60 AED*
*children below 5 can enter for free

Family ticket: 225 AED**
**includes 2 adults with max.
2 children (5-15 years)


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