Top features of iOS 12 – Have you Updated yet?

Apple recently opened up all its devices to newer possibilities with the latest version of their operating software iOS 12.

The question that arises after any software update release is “Should I update?” or “Will this glitch?”.
So far the update has been running smoothly and as for should you update? We have put together some major features and updates to help you make a decision.

Memoji (Only available on iPhone X and above)
If you’ve ever used snapchat, you have for sure used the dog filter to stick your tongue out. A major update to the Memoji’s is tongue detection. It simply makes sending messages to your friends and family more fun.


Animoji (Only available on iPhone X and above)
Now you can create your own Animated Emoji to match your personality. So now you can send messages from your animated cartoon looking doppleganger! Because the system is HELLA articulate. You can tweak your animoji with hundreds of features from the diverse skin color options to the wrinkles on the face.



More filters in graphic messages 
Apple seems to be really dedicated in changing the way you text. When shooting a video or photo in messages, tap the star icon and that will enable you to add a filter, shape or text.

Moving on from Messages, the new update also adds features to help improve the usage of the devices.

Head on to settings and you will now find a new tab labeled Screentime. This new section helps you understand your usage better. It further tells you how many times you pick up the phone and manner in which you do. Pretty nifty!

Within Screentime you can further set limits for yourself or for your family to certain apps. This is labeled conveniently as “App limits”. You can also set aside time away from your phone under the section “Downtime”



After you update your phone, a new app would have automatically been installed to your phone. This is the new measure app. It lets you virtually measure any object. Which is quite obvious by the name but what’s interesting is that it also helps you to know if a picture frame or poster on your wall is at a straight level.


Cleaner notifications
This perhaps is the best thing iOS 12 could bring to your device. The lock screen is no longer a cluttered mess because the update groups notifications from a single app. You can also be more flexible in the way you manage notifications and even clear them all at once.


All in all, I think the iOS12 is a great new update. If you hold a model older than the iPhone 8 you may notice significant changes in the speed and performance of your device so it could be worth an upgrade. For more info on the update you can check out the TIPS app by apple!

Author: Avinash Rajan


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