The Brunch Affair: Carnival By Tresind

Carnival By Tresind is gastronomical fiesta of Post-Modern  Indian Cuisine. The place is decked up with quirky interiors that represent the theme of a carnival.


When we got to know that they have introduced a brunch experience and also a new season for their menu, we couldn’t resist ourselves. The restaurant changes their menu every 3-4 months and each menu is regarded as a new season. While they do change the majority of the menu and add a new theme, around 30% consists of their best sellers from previous seasons.
The Brunch Affair features a combination of some of the signature dishes of the restaurant as well as the key highlight of live interactive table-side experiences. The Season 5 menu has influences from Colonial India which is quite evident in their presentation and preparation of the irresistible dishes.tJeGx5eVTcu12y944CsTyg_thumb_7ae

The brunch format isn’t similar to the usual buffet option where you need to get up to get your dishes (Which is a pain when you tummy is filled with delicious food), instead they bring the dishes to your table and the live dishes are prepared right in front of you while you are gawking.

We got to gobble up a variety of dishes which can be seen from the extravagant two page menu brunch menu. (That’s a great news for all the brunch lovers out there).


The gorgeous brunch journey begins with the Chaat Tanga which is located in a different area of the restaurant (you can get the chaat items directly at your table as well upon request).


The chaat range includes Taco Papdi Chaat, Nitro Bhel Puri, Ghugni Chaat and Pani Puri Rasgulla (Yes, they all are chaat varieties. Visit them and check it out for yourself!)

Our favorites were the Ghugni Chaat and Pani Puri Rasgulla because of the delicious and interesting take on the regular chaat.

Chicken Kurkure was an interesting item if you are a chicken lover. We couldn’t resist another round of it because of it’s simplicity and deliciousness.

All the seafood lovers will definitely go gaga over the Seafood platter. It comes with caramelized ginger prawn (our favorite!), fried fish fillet with habanero salsa and soft shell crab with coconut chutney. (Hungry yet?)

Another interesting dish was Prison Break which is basically fenugreek and spinach bhajjia. Which is a derived recipe from the prisoners of Sabarmati Jail (hence the name). Trust us, you will fall in love with the basic ingredients. 

By the time we reached the items on the second page of menu we had our tummies and heart full (prepare yourself, mentally and physically for this brunch). Based on  staff’s recommendation we tried their Truffle Rice which isn’t a part of the menu but they were serving it on that particular day. This dish was a winner overall. If this dish is being served during your visit, we would suggest you ignore a couple of other items (if you feel you are going to die due to food coma) and definitely run to try this! (fine, you can walk instead).

Since we opted for the non-alcoholic brunch we got to slurp on fancy mocktails which had flavors ranging from mango, passion fruit, green apple to litchi.

Coming to the most crucial part of any meal – DESSERTS!! THfq%1GxSSao+ch+BVk9JQ_thumb_7a5

The menu includes the Pastry Trolley (yes, a God damn trolley!!) from which you can pick up any flavor and munch on.

And their best seller live dessert which is called the Gajak. This is going to take you back to your childhood days of creating a mess and having your delicious food.

A4iMSP6eRKyNyM5DD1629A_thumb_7aaThe dessert has flavors of caramel, chocolate and peanut and feels like a gourmet deconstructed Snickers chocolate bar (yes, we analyze our desserts quite carefully).

Overall, it’s a GREAT experience especially if you are visiting them to celebrate a particular occasion. The staff is amazingly cheerful and they put in maximum effort to ensure everyone is comfortable and has a gorgeous time which fills their heart and tummy with love (and food ofcourse!).

AED 250 per person: Food & Non-alcoholic Beverages (Taxes included)
AED 400 per person: Food & Alcoholic Beverages (Taxes included)
TIMING: Fridays, 12 Noon to 4pm

PHONE: 044218665, 0522424262

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Author: Prachi Vidhani

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