The Playhouse – the new fun-land?

Now here’s the thing with Dubai weekends: it’s almost a ritual to make plans happen over the weekend, and for most times, it’s a type of plan that runs till 3am in the morning giving you a chance to be as nocturnal as you’d like. Nightlife in Dubai is so vivid and vibrant, when it comes down to the options you have, with different clubs and lounges spinning many tracks and genres of music and giving away varied weekend vibes- AND WE SIMPLY LOVE THEM. So when Team Snaprzone got a chance to visit The Playhouse Lounge, we really couldn’t refuse.



The Playhouse Lounge, located at GoldState Hotel in Al Jaddaf is not your typical pub-type lounge. Unlike most sports bars, this lounge with it’s extremely colourful and artistic interiors by @captainbarbozart clearly gives you the vibe that it is meant for beats and rhythm.

The place has ample seating and multiple types of seating arrangements from super comfy couches to usual tables along with bar style seating which is great for different group sizes especially with specific preferences.

The location is also home to many Unplugged Nights with live bands and DJs performing and we were invited to witness the season finale of one such night.We got the chance to witness the first gig of @moksh_the_band and we instantly fell in love with their music especially their interesting song choices.

Now coming to the most interesting part of any visit – FOOD!!

We tried a couple of the bar’s finger foods and drinks, here’s what we thought about them:


The Playhouse Lager [AED 25]:


You will certainly not find many places in Dubai which brew their own beer, so when we heard about The Playhouse Lager for the first time we just had to try it out! To our surprise it was quite a good summer beer, almost comparable to the well-known Corona with a slight hint of bitter. Definitely worth a try for beer lovers!


Tropical Fizz Mocktail [AED 35]:

If you love Strawberries, Orange and Pineapple then this drink is a great blend of all those bright fruits. Truly Tropical!

Grape Mist Mocktail [AED 35] : This was a blend of Grapes, apple and berry juice with soothing Ginger Ale. Pretty refreshing and just the right amount of sweetness!


Kothu Kothu Chicken [AED 39]:


If you love the usual Paratha and Chicken curry combination then this is surely going to delight your taste buds. Freshly made paratha is thinly sliced and mixed with carrots, cabbage, egg and cooked with their aromatic chicken curry to make this flavorsome dish. This was a clear winner for us. They have a beef option available as well.

Thai Mi Fish Cakes [AED 38]:


A combination of minced fish and shrimps served in the form of patty-cakes with sweet chili sauce. Unfortunately, this item didn’t quite win us over with it’s flavors.

Chronicles of Chicken Balls [AED 36]:

A crunchy sesame crusted chicken starter made into the shape of balls and served with sweet chili sauce: basically, translating to emojis with heart-eyes for all the meat lovers in Dubai. For those who are looking for the usual chicken starter along with their favorite drink, this is the way to go.

We wanted to try out their vegetarian options too. Unfortunately, they only had a couple of them.

Mini Stoned Margherita Pizza [AED 28]:


A fresh cheesy pizza with cherry tomatoes- served piping hot when it landed on our table. However, it averaged fairly as per our taste buds in comparison to the classic Margherita pizza.


The overall service was a tad bit slow due to the large crowd and lack of staff and we did face certain difficulties in communicating our requirements to the staff which led us to request for a few items several times.

In a nutshell, The Playhouse does require a few tweaks to the menu, the quality of food and service. That being said, it certainly holds both potential and promise to do well in Dubai’s nightlife scenario.

Written in collaboration by: Prachi Vidhani, Saher Meeran, Avinash Rajan and Nishtha Rajan


Opening Hours:
7PM – 3AM

The Playhouse - GoldState Hotel Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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