First 10K run? Ready, Set, Go!


Have you always had “Complete a 10K Marathon” in that wish list of yours which is hanging on that pretty wall? And it’s been there since quite some time because you aren’t sure on how to prepare for it? Numerous (and bizarre) questions might be popping and floating in your head: How is it going to be? Will I be able to finish it? What if I faint? What if I feel like giving up? What if I am the only one left behind?

STOP! Calm down.

This article will guide you on how you can successfully finish your first 10K run (and still stay in one piece at the end of it).

First and foremost, you need to identify the event you want to register yourself for. Websites like Premier Online and Hopasports have a list of interesting events in varied categories that you can explore and gather information on. Look for something that’s seems well organized and decently priced.


The average price range for registration is 100 – 250 AED, depending on the location and type of event. This usually includes the medal, live tracker, goodie bag, etc.

The idea is to register beforehand and to register with a friend if possible so that you don’t back out! Yes, those thoughts creep in when you are awake in your bed at 3am the night before the run. Solution? Just shush your mind and go to sleep. (And no you aren’t in love, it’s just anxiety that’s keeping you awake).


You can start with brisk walks and quick jogs to prepare yourself before the event. If you are able to start your preps even a month before the event, that’s good enough.

Apart from getting proper rest the night before, choose super comfortable shoes and clothes for the event.

If you usually have a heavy breakfast every morning, you can munch on a handful of nuts and grab a banana which will keep you full but will give you a boost of energy at the same time. On the other hand, if you are not a breakfast lover, the ideal scenario would be to just grab a quick black coffee and go for the run. During the run, your body will automatically switch to consuming fat which will provide you with a turbo boost.


imageThe idea is to just keep going, it doesn’t matter how fast or slow you are. Since it’s your first time, the only thing that matters is reaching that glorious finish line.

Ensure that you grab water or electrolytes from the refill stations which are usually arranged along the course of the run and keep yourself hydrated. Some events also giveaway energy gels at the refill stations or include it in your race pack beforehand.


First of all, congratulate and pat yourself on the back for making it through! Now you can go ahead and take those fascinating pictures with your finisher medal.


Try to shower with chilled water (yes, however horrifying that sounds) after the run as it expedites muscle recovery. And ensure that you get proper rest and great food in your belly.

Apart from the pretty shiny medal, the feeling you get once you reach the finish line after that hard work and sweat (quite literally), makes it all worthwhile.

TIP: Plan a satisfying victory meal with your friends beforehand. So that you can start looking forward to it as the date of the event approaches!

PSST….PSST…..Yes you. Don’t forget to smile for the photo when you reach the finish line.

Check out Premier Online and Hopasports to register yourself!

Excited for your first marathon? READY, SET, GO!




Author: Prachi Vidhani

Coffee ☕️addict and cat😸lover. I love ❤️exploring new places like restaurants, cafes, pet shops, destinations to travel and much more.

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