Where Breakfast meets Lunch at Kempinski Ajman…

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Is this really true on weekends though? Breakfast is out and brunch is in now.  Brunch has replaced the traditional 3 meals a day concept on weekends in the region. 11 am- 4 pm is the time you eat and drink your heart out until you cannot move and probably need to be dragged and rolled back to your car or jump into the closest pool with your heavy bloated belly. I am sure most of us have atleast once in our eating lives, stayed for a buffet from the time it opens or even before it opens until closing time. Well, I do it every single time, why leave when food is waiting to be eaten? Probably, will stop doing that when they kick me out I suppose or maybe not….

Kempinski Ajman is one of the oldest hotels in Ajman across the water. The Friday Garden Brunch is the most popular brunch in the Emirate. It is spread across  the garden overlooking the beach.  The brunch is a combination of 3 of their restaurants to bring fusion to the cuisine. They had live music starting at 12:30 PM. The brunch was widespread across a variety of cuisines: Arabic, Italian, Asian, Indian and Barbecue. The Italian and Indian stations were inside while the Arabic, Asian and barbecue were outside facing the garden.

AGDCE4387[1]The Arabic live station had on the spot hot bread made in front of you with the stuffing of your choice, cheese, labneh, beef, chicken shawarma. With the aroma of hot, hot, fresh bread with the filling of your choice, melting on the tandoor right there in front of your eyes definitely wakes you up even if you are in a deep sleep!


The Asian stir fried or steamed noodles stall had a variety of savoury sauces, vegetables, shrimps, prawns, and meat options to enhance the flavour as per your taste buds. The noodles were served with chopsticks keeping the ancient tradition in mind and encouraging people to try them out.


The Indian corner was really cute, had tiny delicious mouth watering Aloo Samosas in mini shopping carts with chutney almost dripping to the crust of the samosa. The Dal Bukhara was served in small buckets along with Sev Puri Chaat in a mini frying pan. The chaat was a little dry probably because it was out in the sun for a long time.

They also served Chaas (Butter Milk) and Mango Lassi (Yoghurt Drink) in tiny glasses. Keeping the portions small was a smart idea, in order for all the dishes to be tried and tasted. Both the drinks were perfectly blended in the right proportion, exactly like how you would expect in any “Dhaaba” in India.



The Italian corner had a live Pasta stall where the pasta was made from scratch. It was mesmerizing to see the chef prepare the pastas the way we want! We tried the creamy cheesy white sauce with the seafood toppings and freshly made spaghetti.


The Barbecue section at the garden was undoubtedly, the most crowded live station with live grills preparing your meal so that they are piping hot and on the spot!

There were several options to choose from a mini open cupboard with various compartments. The dishes were mainly pertaining to seafood and chicken.


And well lets come to my favourite part of any buffet…DESSERT!!!! The variety was superb, there was a fair mix between chocolate and fruity flavours. The desserts included tarts, cakes, brownies, ice creams of all sorts with a fried ice cream live counter, lollipops, chocolate dates, mousses and souffles.


Overall, it was a great brunch experience, completely lightens your weekend and makes your tummy really really happy and really really full!

Timings: Fridays from 1:00pm to 4:00pm


  • Brunch with soft drinks | AED 185
  • Brunch with selected house beverages | AED 210
  • Beach & Brunch with soft drinks | AED 250
  • Beach, Brunch & Selected house Beverages | AED 290


Author: Taronish Dastoor

Food and Travel lover!

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