On a roll!

We’ve been venturing out to a lot of Indian Cuisine lately and we stumbled upon “Roti Rollers” for a quick bite one evening. Roti Rollers is an Indian fusion urban street food concept that is very evident by the interiors and the ambience of the place.

They majorly serve wraps in Indian bread, natively called “Roti”, hence the name: Roti Rollers. Now for the health freaks, you can substitute this for Quinoa or Salad Bowls; so you’re covered and for the rice lovers you can switch this for Biryani or Pulao.

You can either go for their signature flavours and customise them or build your own which is quite a fun exercise. We visited the branch in Dar Al Wasl, a small little outlet which accommodates a few  tables. A new 100 seater branch in La Mer is also up and running!

Quick Tip:Ask your server to taste their variety of sauces. They tend to have sauces not on their menu as well.
Sameer from Roti Rollers was a gem of a person and helped us guide our way around the menu and pick the right combination of sauces and fillings to our likings.

If you are a person who would love to see your meal getting cooked, this would be the perfect place as the cooking and serving is done right in front of your eyes!


Our Order

It took us quite a while to understand the menu and place the order luckily it was a quiet evening so we could take our sweet time. If you order a combo, it comes with a beverage, a side, roti crisps and a few dips which is very filling for one person no matter how big the appetite.

Signature Roll: Hen Stefani [AED 34]


This wrap is perfect for people who love chicken but hate spicy food. With it’s combination of emmental cheese, mayo and “indie” guacamole, this creamy-trinity wrap not only reminds you of the carbs you’ll gain but also reminds you of how good and crave-friendly malai kebabs can actually be. However, if you do need that pickle-level spice in your life which makes you cry out happy tears, then this roll may not be the one for you.

Build your own: Tandoori Prawn [AED 60]


Seafood lovers, this is your holy grail! Paired with whole wheat roti (tried to be healthy) and stuffed with prawns tossed in tandoori masala, onions, red cabbage, coriander and garlic and to spice things up it had chimmicurri and red chilli and fennel sauce! We still can’t get over the zing the combination wrap had to it. The combo meal included roti crisps, tangy masala fries, salsa and Indian chutney.

Spicy Cheese Toast [AED 20]


Now who doesn’t love cheese? If there’s a cheese grill on the menu, we’re ordering it. The chilli flakes with the classic cheese grill was a good surprise but the sandwich was moist in texture and could have been a little more crisp.


Salted Caramel Date Lassi [AED 14]

We were so intrigued to see a combination of salted caramel and date on the menu put together in a LASSI! It felt like a true calling being a Lotus lover Indian Kid living in Dubai. Unfortunately it was really dissappointing. There was too much date and barely any salted caramel. The beverage had too much texture in it.

Mango Lassi [AED 20] 

This sweet combination of the taste of mango and the traditional punjabi sweet lassi, was a real winner!! It’s one of the best Mango Lassi’s we have ever had. We recommend all visitors to give it a try!

Truck Driver’s Chai [AED 9]  

We’re crazy about chai (tea) so it had to be a part of our order. Nothing out of the oridinary served but it was definitely good chai! Whether we want to pay AED 9 for a cup of chai is questionable.

Ever since the launch of their new outlet at La Mer, they have introduced many more items on their menu. We wouldn’t go as far to say that Roti Rollers is a unique experience, but it for sure has some really interesting flavours to play around with.

Contact Details:

Open 11am – 12 midnight
04 3450761

Roti Rollers Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Location: Unit 70, Dar Wasl, Al Wasl Road, Al Safa, Dubai

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