Kasbah: Rooftop Lounge with an Emoji Menu!

Emoji’s have conquered every emotion and expression in our lives and now they’ve even paved their way into food menus!! Yes, you read that absolutely right!

We were recently invited to Kasbah the Rooftop, a newly opened rooftop lounge in Jadaf. The lounge and cafe is very well designed to accomodate you in all weather conditions, be it summer or winter. It is has a part indoor and part outdoor facility. The outdoor seating is stunning with the seating surrounding a beautiful pool with breathtaking views of the Dubai Skyline which looks gorgeous with the backdrop of sunset horizon. Even after sundown, the place is lit with ambient lights to set your mood for a relaxed evening.

IMG_0210 copy

Apart from a great ambience, the place even has live music on some evenings and also serves Shisha and alcoholic beverages. More importantly, it serves a selection of some really interesting and delicious food. The menu is designed around quirky names for each of the items on their menu and an associated custom Emoji. Just take a look at how cute these are!

Chef Tarun Panjwani has done a brilliant job by bringing in an innovative twist to the already popular Indian Street Food or Indian Chaat by combining unique ingredients and presenting them in an appetizing manner along with fun and quirky names which immediately make you curious to try them out.

Following are some of the items that we tried:

  1. Heart Beet: Beetroot and cream cheese shaped like a heart, breaded and fried to perfection. This combination was unexpectedly delicious and we were left wanting for more!
  2. Teri Chicken Ke Balls: Chicken balls stir fried in delicious teriyaki sauce. Teriyaki tossed meats usually tend to be sweet but this was really well rounded with a nice balance between sweet and spicy.
  3. Raj Ki Kaun?: This dish’s presentation was as quirky as it’s name. It’s a play on Raj Kachori ( a popular Indian Street Food) served in a wheat flour cone with a potato and peas filling.
  4. Bombay Bombs: The very popular Vada Pav from Mumbai has been presented as stuffed breaded mini – balls baked in a Tandoor (Traditional Clay Oven). We loved how these maintained the original taste of the traditonal Vada Pav and exploded delicious flavors at each bite.
  5. Thick Thighs and Extra Shroom Fries: Fried Portobello Mushrooms served with Mayo-Mustard dip. The fries were delicious just by themselves and also pairs really well with the dip which tasted a lot like the Indian Kadhi
  6. Call-it-a-Flower: The chef surely loves puns as much as we do. Skewered Cauliflower and Broccoli florets which were marinated and barbecued to perfection were presented with a bunch of flowers. If you had to ask me, this is a much better way to impress your beloved than a plain bunch of flowers he or she can’t even eat!
  7. As Warm as toast: Pepper chicken enclosed in a little tiny bun which was so adorbaly presented. It was creamy and delicious but in comparison to the other items on the menu would probably not be our first choice.
  8. Dabizza: The dish is supposed to be a Dabeli (Gujarati version of a Burger) turned into Pizza. However we’d say it’s a unique and a surprisingly delicious combination of Sev Puri and Pizza. It’s a must try!
  9. Mojito: This one was a simple mocktail. But who said simple and sticking to basics isn’t good?
  10. Daily Bailey: Hands down, one of the most moist, delicious and chocolate-y cakes I have had in a very long time. I am ready to have this DAILY.
  11. That’s How We Roll: This has to be the most unique and the very best pick from everything that we tried for the day. This is the Shrikhand (Sweetened Hung Yogurt) and Red Velvet Cake rolled into one served with Bubble Gum Ice Cream. So different and yet SO Delicious! The fruity flavours played so nicely with the red velvet and shrikhand combo! Definitely not to be missed.

Overall, Kasbah the Rooftop is very promising in terms of being your next regular hang-out spot to unwind with a bunch of friends. And if you like Indian Food as much as we do, you’re going to love their unique menu.

Managed by award winning entertainment company Deja Vu Dxb, Kasbah also has live music every Tuesday and a fantastic ladies night offering complimentary drinks and shisha every Wednesday.

Written by: Rujuta Shah, Saher Meeran and Nishtha Rajan

Contact Information:

Phone Number: +971-4-2753187

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Author: Rujuta Shah

Finance Professional by Day, Lifestyle Blogger by Night.

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