Kris With a View

Are you looking for having a romantic time with your loved one? Kris with a View can be your answer to that.

This is one of the classier romantic restaurants in town. The restaurant is set up in a way which makes one feel special. The dim lights and live music add-on to the ambiance of this restaurant. The restaurant is located on the 19th floor and hence, gives an extraordinary view of old Dubai.

The restaurant specializes in Thai, Chinese and Indian cuisine dishes. Our team got an opportunity to visit this place through an event hosted by Zomato. Below is an insight of our visit:
Wine Tasting
We tasted four different types of wine. Two of each red and white wine.
As red wine lovers, we really loved the Rosemount Estate Merlot which originates from Australia which goes perfectly well with goat cheese on the side.
 It is a must try at their gorgeous bar.
Starters, Fondue and Desserts
Our food tasting started with a selection of crudities and cheese along with a couple of starters such as:
  • Thai Crispy Prawn – Top Non-Veg pick
  • Tandoori Chicken Katti Roll – A tad bit dry
  • Zaafrani Paneer – Well flavored
  • Szechuan Tofu – Interesting flavors for Tofu
  • Shammi Kofta –  Lacked the right spices
  • Tongkarashi and Wasabi Fries – Top Veg pick
The veg and chicken fondue are a speciality at this restaurant and we were more than delighted to try both of them.
IMG_2067 3.JPG
The fondue included a pot of hot flavored olive oil in which you are required to cook the various items. The reason why this is interesting, especially for the non veg items is because the marinated flavors are slow cooked to perfection.
The veg options were very basic as it included only veggies without any pre-flavoring, the only flavoring they had was the oil in which they were cooked.
For dessert, we got to try the DIY Truffle Palette. It comes with chocolate and vanilla truffles which can be filled with chocolate, passion fruit or strawberry filling.
After filling the truffles, you dip them in melted chocolate and roll them in your favorite topping. This was fun to create and to satisfy our sweet tooth since we got to explore various combinations.
IMG_5132 2.JPG
Overall, this restaurant is worth a shot since it offers multiple cuisines, live music, brunch, full bar, buffet and a panoramic view of the city.
Contact Information
Tel: 045509208
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Author: Avinash Rajan


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