A day in the Yard

There’s a new spot in town and we’re here to give you the deets!

If you’ve been following us on Instagram, you would know by now what we’re talking about. Last Saturday, we packed our Dora the explorer bags and headed out to a new hang-out spot by Meraas Properties. Yes, the same developer that has brought us Box Park, City Walk, La Mer, Al Seef and The Beach has now developed a brand new local spot called “The Yard”


As the name suggests the arena is made to look like Old Mcdonald had a Farm with old tractors, ceramic animals like chickens, ducks and deers and stacks of hay all around. There are a wide number of benches and seating arrangements in shapes like cycles, barrels, shovels etc. The ambience is simply superb for families and friends.

If you’re still not convinced, let us tell you that this is the NEW instagram spot in the city. You can fullfil all your Boomerang Needs.

And this is just outside the main building. Inside the building features a garage-like indoor seating area, barrels with quirky quotes and rusted scaffolding. They’re all surrounding a beautiful lake with ceramic ducks. There’s also cute little rustic coffeeshop inside and a couple more to come soon.

One of our favourite corners from the whole Yard is the Lock & Key Bridge!!!!
There are two bridges where you can write a message and lock it on the bridge. Now we could’nt find any locks so we’re assuming you’d have to bring your own.

And last but definitely not the least, we all need some food don’t we? After a nice long walk around the yard you can fuel up at LAST EXIT! That’s right the popular food truck park has taken on a new destination with so much to offer. Click here to see the list of restaurant offerings.

Meraas has done a great job on the project. Located between Dubai & Sharjah its an excellent spot for families and friends to spend their evenings.


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