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“Hashi” is a Pan-Asian restaurant opening on 1st February in Oud Metha. While there are a lot asian restaurants in UAE, Hashi integrates it’s Pan-Asian flavours into Tapas Style items. The eatery is good enough to accommodate 45-50 people, and is well fitted for all sorts of gatherings both with friends and families.

The restaurant is well designed to complement its offerings. The interior of this restaurant is well-balanced between Asian and urban with handcrafted paintings around the ceilings and walls. To make sure they serve you good mood with good food, the ambience is enhanced with Asian instrumental music to get your mind along with your taste buds to a different part of the world.


We were invited by Hashi to review some of the items on the menu. Upon looking at the menu we realised there’s no “Starter-Maincourse” sort of system. We were then educated that the food served at Hashi is “Tapas Style” which means there’s only one course of smaller portioned servings made to share. It is also well noted that they have a wide selection of food for the vegetarians as well as the non-vegetarians and most items on the menu can be customised to the meat of your choice or without meat as well.


IMG_9939 copyimg_9940-copy.jpg

Yushiber Fizz [AED 20]

This beverage is a typical lemon mint drink with added cucumber slices. The difference between a regular lemon mint and Yushiber Fizz is that they use Japanese lemon which has more “zing” than the regular ones.

Mango Gui Shui [AED 20]

This was a unique combination of mango, orange and turmeric that worked very well together. The mocktail is topped off with mango pieces on a skewer and sprinkled with some spice which just puts the whole beverage together.


Crunchy Asian Salad [AED 18, Good for 3 persons]

IMG_9941 copy

This delicious salad is made with a mix of beetroot, edamame, mixed leaves and to make it crunchy; crispy noodles. It is all mixed with Miso Aioli: A soya bean and mayonnaise based sauce. We recommend you start your meal with this delicious salad.

Prawns Tempura [AED 18]


Another must try from Hashi’s menu is the Prawns Tempura. Its beautifully golden brown and served with traditional Japanese Ginger Shayu.
Tempura is also available in a vegetarian option.

Ping Pong [AED 19]

IMG_9958 copy

Just like the name suggested, we received 3 little ping pong looking balls on the table. Ping Pongs are filled with vegetables and coated in a layer of crisps and coriander and is best paired with the Garlic Chili Aioli. It had a very unique taste. It is a big thumbs up from us.

Beef Short Ribs [AED 40]


This supposedly is the Chef’s favourite and he personally cooks it for four hours. Firstly, the presentation of the short ribs is simply luxurious. It is well done and quite tender. But on the downside, the meat is quite sweet thanks to the sauce its cooked in. So if you are someone who loves sweet and sour meat, this is for you.

Vegetable & Sweet Corn Gyoza [AED 18]

IMG_0009 copy

Gyoza are dumplings. Six pieces of this delicious melt-in-your-mouth steamed dumplings were served to us with Vinaigrette on the side. The filling was cooked well and the dumpling was still extremely soft.
Gyoza is also available in Chicken.

Chicken Tamari Fried Rice [AED 14]


A personal little bowl with flavourful rice is exactly what perfect comfort food can be defined as. We most definitely recommend for you to try this if and when you make the visit to Hashi.
Tamari rice is also available in beef and vegetarian options.

Yaki Ramen Noodles  [AED 17]

IMG_9989 copy.jpg

This traditional Japanese noodles didn’t impress us relative to all the others. The noodles are sticky and bland and could use more flavour. However, when we did pair this with the Garlic Chili Aioli it tasted much better.


There are only two desserts on the menu so not much to select from.

Lemon Yuzu Cheesecake [AED 24]

IMG_0071 copy

This cheesecake is light and tangy. The base is very thin which means you get more of the delicious cheesecake and is topped with the Japanese Lemon. We definitely recommend for you to try this at your visit.

Green Tea Tiramisu [AED 24] 


We’re big fans of coffee and hence, even tiramisu. So when we saw this title on the menu we were intrigued. What was unfortunate was that we didn’t quite enjoy the combination of Tiramisu with Matcha. It leaves a bitter aftertaste. If you are someone who loves Matcha, do give it a try and let us know below what you thought of it.

Overall we really liked the presentation and taste of most of the dishes. Although, we felt that the menu could have had a few more desserts added to it. We would really love to visit them again to try other dishes on the menu and would definitely recommend you to do so as well.

Restaurant Details:

Hashi Dubai
Open from 12pm – 11pm

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Author: Avinash Rajan


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