Fruitful Day: A Fruity Fix

How many times have you ended up munching on unhealthy snacks because you didn’t have a stock of fresh fruits at home or because you have gotten bored of the same type of fruits available? Quite a few times I guess.

Fruitful Day is here to get your healthy snacking back on track!

I tried their Trail Box offer recently which includes a delicious supply of fresh fruits with 15-20 different varieties of fruits for 100 AED. The type of fruits vary based on the season which means you get to try multiple varieties.

Though the only option for payment is cash on delivery, they have convenient timings available for delivery and options to customize your box.


I received the following varieties of fruits in my trail box:

  • Banana Philippines
  • Mango Egypt
  • Grapefruit South Africa
  • Red Grapes Lebanon
  • Pineapple Philippines
  • Pears Turkey
  • Royal Gala Apples France
  • Kiwi Italy
  • Figs Turkey
  • Granny Smith Apples France
  • Pomegranate Yemen
  • Mandarin South Africa
  • Passion Fruit Kenya
  • Blueberry Peru
  • New Season Orange South Africa
  • Rockmelon Iran
  • Green Grapes Iran
  • Honey Dew Melon Iran

All their fruits are washed and packed properly and the ones that aren’t washed to maintain the texture (blueberry, figs, etc.) are sanitized with baking soda to ensure they are free of chemicals. Also, some of the fruits like blueberry, mangoes and grapes are packed separately in zipper bags.

Though they provide an amazing variety, the quantity of fruits that were delivered in zipper bags was a bit lesser than expected.

The trial box offer can be availed only once by each customer after which they can choose to sign up for a subscription.

Check out the trail box here and get munching! 🙂


Author: Prachi Vidhani

Coffee ☕️addict and cat😸lover. I love ❤️exploring new places like restaurants, cafes, pet shops, destinations to travel and much more.

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