Mauritius: Jewel in the Indian Ocean


If you had an idea of what paradise looks like, it would be Mauritius. Did you know driving from the north tip to the south tip of Mauritius would take an hour and a half non-stop with no traffic? That’s how small this island is!  It is a tiny speck in the Indian Ocean, but so abundant in natural beauty, making nature feel unreal. If you ask someone what is the colour of the ocean and sky, you will receive an obvious answer; blue. The vast expanse of the ocean in Mauritius was not just blue, it had various shades of blue, teal, cyan and green that will not be found in any make up palette in the world. If Mauritius is compared to paradise, the endless ocean and sky is a shiny, dazzling, clear carpet for angels to tread on. Staying at St. Regis Mauritius, was icing on the cake or say the doorway to heaven…but let’s talk about that in another article.


The best time to go is November- February the Summer months to sun bathe and get tans, the temperate is 25-35 degrees Celsius in these months. The language they speak is Mauritian Creole – a fusion of French and English. And the people are the nicest I have ever met anywhere yet, hospitality runs in their blood.

Black River Waterfall, amidst the Black River Gorges National Park


The coloured sand is because the land was an active volacano decades ago.


The glass bottom boat ride across the south Le Morne Beach


The view from Souillac Village where the force of the wind can make you fly. Many movies, mainly Bollywood, were shot at this location.


Ziplining at La Valee Des Couleurs Nature Park where you can zip line across the entire national park and see all the attractions with thrill hanging 1000 metres above ground level.


The most picturesque point of the world as mentioned by our tour guide. The image does not do justice to the different shades of colour that the eyes could see.IMG_5049[2]

There are some extremely cool facts, that I got to know through my interaction with residences there, let me share them with you.

  1. The crime rate is so less that there are only 10 jails in the country- which offer great food 3 times a day because 90% of the crimes are family inheritance related.
  2. More than half of Mauritian jobs are tourism related, followed by sugarcane, potatoes and rum production and is extremely self-sufficient for water and food.
  3. There are no wild animals on the island at all even in the wild I mean any big cats, carnivores or preying animals
  4. Most Mauritians have never travelled abroad for “vacation”, they just go to different areas within Mauritius and some have never stepped out of Mauritius in their lives and have no intention to.
  5. The number plates on the cars are the year that the car came into Mauritius and at what number was the car when entering the island compared to all cars in Mauritius. There are around 30,000 cars in the country now.


Regrets: I didn’t have a drone or a chopper to take aerial views of the island.

Author: Taronish Dastoor

Food and Travel lover!

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