Counter Strike: Practice Mode

If you have lived in Dubai for almost the entirety of your life or probably have been here for a couple of years, your weekend plans mostly would involve you venturing out to restaurants and cafes to try out the amazing variety of cuisines that UAE has to offer, or planning an insanely fun nightclub visit, or maybe just taking to the couches and spending a lazy day at home. Some plans may also involve taking road trips and hikes on mountains or getting even more adventurous by travelling on to the desert roads. We at SNAPR Zone without a doubt, love to do all of the above mentioned, but here’s a really cool idea for you to bring out the adrenaline junkie in you for a change without having to really be completely outdoors.

Shooting! It can be both therapeutic (if you’ve had a really exhausting week) and it can be absolutely exciting and thrilling and probably to your surprise, it is not so expensive as you think.

We took a trip down to Sharjah Paintball Park which offers an amazing opportunity to test out your aiming skills without you getting hit on the face by the recoil of actual bullets. The range provides you with a simulation experience for three in one group by utilizing an air rifle which shoots out plastic pellets that can hit an aim as sharply as a normal bullet would.

Sharjah Shooting Range

Now you may be wondering how would shooting plastic pellets be thrilling, but trust us when we say this, the gun is pretty powerful and you will have a blast competing with your friends as to whose aim was the most closest to the target! And let’s also not forget the insane sounds of the shots fired, that’s thrill level escalating to 1000 right there with goose bumps all over.

The best part of the whole experience-

snaprzone-team-photo copyVouchers are available on Groupon for this experience which costs only AED 50 per person (AED 100 if you by chance happen to miss out on the deal- still less expensive) with 300 bullets loaded for each person and a voucher validity of 2 months from the date of purchase. Now that’s a deal you definitely cannot resist!


However, if you’re looking for the real deal experience with an actual gun and even more actual bullets, head down to Jebel Ali Shooting Club. The shooting range offers you a variety of guns to try out such as the .22 calibre, the 9mm and even shotguns to name a few. The experience definitely comes with a price with the lowest being the .22 calibre beginning from AED 150 for 25 rounds approximately, however, we cannot simply describe the adrenaline rush that comes from shooting your first bullet to the last.

If you give the 9mm a try, be prepared for some insane recoil and if you further decide to venture for the shotgun, get ready to shoot discs which fly high up in the air and an insane shoulder ache the next day as the gun weighs 5kgs! (Here is where going to the gym and gaining some muscle strength really, really helps)


So do plan out for a different weekend and head to a shooting range for a change. Take your friends along and compete, just like the saying goes, more is always merrier!

Locations and Links:

1. Sharjah Paintball Park (Groupon Voucher for Sharjah Paintball Park)

2. Jebel Ali Shooting Club





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