First look at the newly renovated Jumeirah Beach – La Mer

Yes, the Jumeirah Open Beach is now called “La Mer”. The simple open beach once loved by all is now a commercial beach front destination revamped by Meraas – the same ones who developed The Beach – JBR, City Walk, Box Park, Kite Beach, Last Exit and more.

It has two islands, north and south which have already been occupied by retail outlets, cafe’s and restaurants. According to Meraas’ website, La Mer will also host residential properties. It’s hard to fathom what this same spot used to be.

Apart from the big commercialization of the beach, the property also now has much better amenities such as sunbeds and cleaner shower options for beach-goers to enjoy. Parking however, is still going to be a crucial problem. There are selected roadside parking spots available but even on a weekday night there were no available spots. There is an underground parking option but it is still unsure whether this will be free for public or not.

For now, here is a quick look at “La Mer”


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