Registering your Furry Little Cat in Dubai

So, you have recently decided to adopt a cat from a shelter or you have found a little one on the streets and you want it to be a part of your family but you aren’t sure what to do next. Then this is the right article for you to know how to go about the entire process.

The first thing to know is how to get your cat registered. As per the local law, it is compulsory for all the pets to be registered and it’s quite easy to get this sorted.

I got the process sorted through Dubai Municipality Veterinary Clinic (Main Branch) which is the official place to get the process done and is much cheaper than private clinics. It’s a bit far from the main city so ensure all your requirements are in place before you visit them.

If you take your cat to the clinic the first thing they are going to check is if it is already a registered cat to ensure it’s not a lost pet. If not, they will assist you in registering the cat under your name.

The pre-requisites to initiate this process are that the cat should be older than 3 months and the owner should be 18 years and above.

The total cost for registering a new cat is around 250 AED. The split is as mentioned below:


IMG_4860 3.jpg
Vaccination Booklet


Once the entire process is sorted you will be given a vaccination record booklet which will have all the vaccination details and due dates along with basic details of the cat.




The tag can be easily attached to your cat’s collar as shown in the pictures.

Miss Bilbo with her new tag
Miss Sasha with her new tag











Ensure that you carry cash (as they don’t accept card payments) and your Emirates ID to get the microchip sorted.

The Veterinary Services has 3 branches. The details are given below:

Veterinary Services (Main branch)

AL Khawaneej Road – Wadi AL Amardi – Near UAE Football Association

Phone: 04-2891114

Veterinary Services (Al Lissaily Branch)

Location: Al Lissaily

Phone: 04-8326300

Veterinary Services (Hatta Branch)

Location: Hatta – Near Hatta Heritage Village

Phone: 04-8521514


Additional Tip: If your cat has motion sickness, cover the carrier with a cloth such as towel or a small blanket to avoid the cat from looking outside the car. This will help your cat relax until you reach the destination.



Author: Prachi Vidhani

Coffee ☕️addict and cat😸lover. I love ❤️exploring new places like restaurants, cafes, pet shops, destinations to travel and much more.

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