Carnival – A place to have fun with Food

“Carnival by Tresind” is a Post-Modern Indian Restaurant that specialises in serving dishes that burst with fun gastronomical fiesta. Its interior decor blends in and the staff with their friendly chit chat and fun presentations give justice to the name “Carnival”. The restaurant pushes all boundaries and stands out as one of the best in town.

On 30th August, Carnival by Tresind completed one year and to celebrate, they adopted a “pay as you like” concept. Team Snapr visited the exclusive fine-dining eatery to celebrate the joyous occasion.

The Food:

From the door to the seat and back out, Carnival by Tresind has changed the game of serving Indian Food while staying true to the indian culture and flavors.

  1. Vada Pav:  The classic Mumbai vada pav which represents the mill workers was creatively served by a waitstaff in helmets and aprons out of a toolbox. The Vada Pav itself was one of the best out there with a mix of spicyand tangy flavours.
  2. Game of Corns: No, this dish is not associated with Game of Thrones but it is delicious for sure. Two pieces of corn fritters served with sautéed corn and baby corn.
  3. Dahi Bhalla: Chaat is one their best sellers but their Dahi Bhalla is quite average similar to any other chaat serving restaurants.
  4. Into the Wild: Seafood and meat eaters should not miss out on ordering this sharing platter. It involves a live demonstration right at your table of beef and prawn cooked in chili sauce to your taste.
  5. Butter Chicken: The restaurant aced the game stood on top in preparing this classic butter chicken. It is by far one of the best I have tried. The chef maintained the strong and significant flavour without making to creamy.
  6. Jhinga Lala: This dish in the simplest term can be described as the prawn version of a butter chicken. I, however, did wish for it to be more different than a butter chicken but the curries for both items were very similar.

Gajak: This Dessert will take you back to your childhood of creating a mess. The whole dessert is presented live at your table on a canvas combining chocolate, caramel and peanut.


Contact information:
Phone: 052 242 4262
Hours: 12–3:30PM, 7–11:30PM

Carnival By Tresind Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Author: Avinash Rajan


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